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Our Government and Municipal Law Attorneys Represent Counties, Municipalities, and Special Districts

The government and municipal law attorneys at Shepard, Smith, Kohlmyer & Hand, P.A. represent numerous counties, municipalities, and special districts throughout Florida. We are very familiar with statutes, laws, and regulations affecting governmental operations and other daily functions.

Our government law attorneys have significant experience in drafting and researching ordinances, ethics, and election laws. We also have experience with intergovernmental agreements, land use, annexation, zoning, state, and federal legislation.



Our government law attorneys have extensive experience representing governmental entities in litigation, covering a wide range of matters.  Our experience includes trials and appeals.


We also have extensive experience with infrastructure, construction defects, interpretation, and constitutionality of statutes and rules. We can assist you with contract disputes, license and employment agreements, insurance coverage claims, and disputes. We also offer representation in telecommunications, public records, and ad valorem tax cases.  Our government law attorneys are also ready to help you with the entire spectrum of civil matters. We can help your county, municipality, or special district with its litigation needs.


Real Estate Transactions

Finally, handling Real Estate transactions is one of the firm’s strengths! We represent numerous counties, municipalities, and special districts with all aspects of real property transactions.  We also represent developers, lenders, lessees, lessors, buyers, and sellers. Our experience includes foreclosures, boundary, and title disputes, as well as any eminent domain suits and environmental cases. We are also fully capable of handling any real estate matters related to land use, zoning, setbacks, height, density, and compatibility.


It is safe to say there is no real estate transaction we are not qualified and experienced to handle. Our attorneys provide seamless representation for our clients throughout the entire real estate transaction process.


If you need legal representation, call to speak to one of our lawyers today at 407.622.1772. We will be happy to assist you!

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