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What is Commercial Litigation?

Commercial litigation involves two or more parties who turn to the legal system to resolve a dispute that arose from a business transaction.


The commercial litigation lawyers at Shepard, Smith, Kohlmyer & Hand, P.A. recognize that commercial disputes are becoming harder to navigate as laws and regulatory requirements change, corporate scrutiny increases, and transactions occur across domestic and international borders. As a result, businesses must proactively take steps to reduce their risk.

Place your Florida commercial litigation matters in the hands of our experienced attorneys.

Our commercial litigation attorneys recognize that our clients have individual business goals; therefore, we design litigation strategies that meet the specific objectives of our business clients. 


When a company faces diverse legal issues that threaten the effective operation of its business, it needs skillful attorneys who provide cost-effective, client-focused legal solutions. 


Shepard, Smith, Kohlmyer & Hand P.A. attorneys provide sound legal advice to businesses throughout Florida. Our experienced commercial litigators use their extensive background to craft strategies that solve complex legal problems.


From risk management to courtroom defense, litigation is a reality of corporate life. Disputes of all varieties grow ever more common amongst the varying business industries. Moreover, in the United States and other jurisdictions, legislatures and courts continuously alter substantive rights and procedural rules — adding to the myriad concerns of companies facing litigation.

We are commercial litigation attorneys based in Central Florida who are client-focused and offer cost-effective legal services.

Notwithstanding the challenges business owners face today, our firm strives to resolve business disputes in a business-like manner while focusing on the bottom line. While we relish the courtroom and have enjoyed much success there, we also know that cool heads and creative thinking can often result in solutions that resolve disputes, save money, and allow business owners to get back to business. To that end, our firm offers legal advice, mediation, and international arbitration services covering a complete range of commercial law matters, including:

  • Antitrust Actions

  • Bad Faith Causes of Action

  • Breach of Contract Actions

  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty 

  • Breach of Warranty Claims

  • Business Torts

  • Class Action Lawsuits

  • Construction claims and disputes arising out of subcontracts or prime contracts

  • Construction Defect or Negligence Cases

  • Construction or Mechanics Liens

  • Contract Misinterpretation Cases

  • Creditor Rights and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Cases

  • LLC Membership Disputes

  • Lease, sale or purchase of property or equipment

  • Misrepresentation Actions

  • Multi-party and multi-jurisdiction commercial disputes

  • Non-compete Agreements

  • Shareholder Issues

  • Tortious Interference

  • Unfair Competition

  • Uniform Commercial Code violations and disputes


There is no legal challenge your business may face that could keep us from professionally and cost-effectively achieving the best possible outcome!


Call 407.622.1772, ext. 125 to schedule your initial consultation today!

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